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Thank You for Visiting! My Website is Designed to Help the Beginner to Intermediate Machinist  and Most Levels of RC Pilots!

   Welcome Again!

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Thank you for visiting and welcome back!! Yes, this is the same site!

Many of you returning have noticed a significant face lift in my site :). I finally made a layout with colors I like.

Started in 2001, I thought this was a good year to “re-design” the site. How wrong I was... I did not realize how much stuff I had accumulated over the many years !! I am still working on the site but the majority of information has been transferred.

Times have changes so much since I started in RC and CNC but have kept much of my older info here.

Thank you again for all the kind words! about the site over the years!


Third TEST up load of the new layout !!!
Much needs to still be done but the basics are here.

Please EXCUSE spacing issues, misspelling, old info, Missing Pictures, etc. ALL WILL BE FIXED !! I am working on it.


Remember all pictures are originals, please don’t steal my pictures, LINK to the pages instead.